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Our Process

Architecture is the art of designing spaces in response to environmental conditions to address a client’s needs. Our design philosophy guides us through the creative choices available to our clients. Design excellence and problem-solving are at the heart of our design philosophy.



This is when we start exploring design concepts; it is the time for testing options and getting a general idea of the look and feel. The floor plans and shape of the project will begin to take form, but the specifics about materials and details will come later. The Schematic Design phase includes several meetings where we present ideas to our clients using images of other projects, hand sketches, and models to help visualize the size, shape, and relationship of spaces to each other. We listen and observe your reactions, then refine the ideas according to your feedback until we reach an agreed upon design direction to develop further in the following phases.


The next step is to refine and revise. Once the Owner selects a design direction, the Architect adds detail and incorporates requested changes. These are then reviewed in-person. 



Our services will include site investigation, consultation, calculations, construction documents and specifications suitable for competitive bidding. Upon conclusion of the Schematic Design portion of the project, we will engage consulting engineers for their fee proposals to complete the project as designed. Our contract support services will include consultation and shop drawings review. We will attend local design meetings as required to coordinate with other trades and will provide contract administration services as required for a complete project.



The Architect acts as the Owner’s advocate during construction by answering contractor questions, interpreting the construction documents, and assisting with final product, material, and color selections.

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We are there with you every step of the way, through the final build. We take a joint role alongside our clients to realize your vision.

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