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Who We Are

Frame takes a comprehensive approach to design, seamlessly integrating Architecture and Interiors without

drawing a distinction between them. Taking the approach of all-encompassing design, where each element influences and propels the other, creating a harmonious and cohesive result. Our Key Prime Consultant Staff Members consist of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions.

We believe projects are most successful when they consider the context of the landscape in which they will exist - both in terms of the surrounding natural landscape as well as the urban - or community - landscape. Central to Frame Architecture’s design philosophy is careful analysis of regional context. The needs of the community a project will serve are as important as thoughtful consideration of the unique environmental challenges that come with designing in a high desert landscape. Frame Architecture embraces sustainable design practices because we believe that great architecture goes far beyond the visual - architecture must exist in harmony with its natural and urban context.

Everything we do begins with listening. We aim for a holistic understanding of our clients’ goals, their challenges and the available resources to provide solutions


By engaging in open dialogues and visioning sessions with our clients early in the design process, Frame Architecture is poised to craft imaginative and innovative design solutions based on a collaborative exploration of your projects goals and your vision for the end result.


Our team is comprised of experts with extensive experience in facilitating these discussions and in applying active listening skills to ensure an understanding the needs of your end users. We encourage you to share your ideas, challenges, and concerns, so that we can work collectively to explore solutions.

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