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“We need new facilities. We need your vision for them - in the next 9 weeks.” That’s how the meeting for a new Master Plan of the Reno Rodeo kicked off in early April of 2018. The dated existing facilities had caused concerns from major sponsors of the Rodeo, and it was determined that extensive upgrades were required to ensure the long-term viability of the Reno Rodeo.

The design centers around movement of spectators, participants and animals. Frame Architecture began by working closely with the Reno Rodeo to clearly define a new program for the facilities that would situate each component part into a cohesive whole. Central to the master planning effort were concerns about construction logistics - it was critical that the Reno Rodeo remain operational during construction. The construction sequencing and building placement became a source of constant discussion alongside circulation, parking and security concerns. Livestock movement, containment and spectator separation were also crucial factors.

The cornerstone of the master plan is a new 15,000 seat arena integrated with the new offices for the Rodeo, a museum and VIP and Rodeo member private areas. The arena will also feature sponsor areas, increased luxury suites and full concessions along the
promenade. Western Museum and a convention space which will be used for the Branding Iron during the Rodeo.

Two new buildings: an exhibit hall and an indoor riding arena, face each other to create a central pedestrian courtyard. Aligned along the west side of the main area, a portal will provide a link to the elevated walkway. A new 3,200 space parking garage is situated on the south west corner. All parking will be on upper floors of the garage as the ground level will be used for animal pens and a
veterinary office. Connecting the parking garage to the new facilities is a raised pedestrian platform that will allow for animal viewing of the pens to the east.

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