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Designing Our Destiny: Breaking ground on our firm's new office

It's happening! Frame Architecture has officially broken ground on our new office building. A group project with staff design input. The designing and building of our own office space is a deeply personal endeavor, a reflection of the firm’s architectural philosophy and a tangible expression of professional identity. Not just constructing a building; it’s shaping the future of the firm allowing for planned growth and further establishing physical roots in our community. This bold move is a declaration of confidence in Frame Architecture’s creative vision and business acumen. “We’ve been here through the economic cycles; we didn’t just ride into town only to leave when the going gets difficult.” said Jeff Frame. This groundbreaking is a moment of celebration for the entire firm and a celebration of the courage to dream big! Every decision is a conscious step toward crafting a workspace that not only inspires the team within but also contributes to the architectural fabric of the surrounding environment. Expected opening is October 2024 and will be located at 9591 Prototype Ct., Reno, NV

5/7/24 Update: Back on Track

Our office construction is back on track. After encountering ground water and a series of recent storms, we had to redesign the site raising the building two feet in elevation. Footings are poured, we had the NV Energy preconstruction meeting and concrete floor slab will be poured May 10. We are feverishly detailing all our furniture, casework and revising all the interior finishes to be a true image of our design philosophy. We are targeting a November 1 move in date. Look for more updates soon!


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