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Designing for Community

"Most of the wonderful places in the world were not made by architects but by the people."

 Christopher Alexander (1936-2022)



The late Christopher Alexander was a prominent British-American architect,  design theorist, educator, and author. His book "A Pattern Language", offers a universally implemented and renowned framework for understanding, design and constructing spaces that support human needs and values - and it's the most regularly referenced book in our resource library.


At Frame Architecture, we believe that architecture is the container for life. We are committed to creating environments that are informed and inspired by the people that will occupy them. Our approach involves a meticulous blend of form and function, ensuring that each architectural choice contributes to the overall experience of the space's inhabitants. From flexible layouts that accommodate various events to strategically placed communal areas that encourage interaction, every detail is crafted with the community's well-being in mind. Together, let's build a future where cultural spaces inspire unity and become the beating heart of our vibrant community in Reno.



An important part of our approach to designing spaces for community engagement is an immersive programming process. Recently, we conducted a series of workshops and visioning sessions with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and The Children's Cabinet for their joint venture, The Oddie Project - a community resource hub for children and families. During these exercises, we learns the needs of each organization and their shared visions for The Oddie Project.


The design for the Carson City Town Square Master Plan features a number of fundamental patterns from A Pattern Language. These patterns are implemented on a small scale throughout the master plan, resulting in larger global pattern that fosters a sense of community engagement. 


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