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Scale reigns as the central and guiding element throughout every facet of the home. From the moment you approach the property, you are immediately struck by the deliberate and meticulous attention to scale. The exterior facade stands as a testament to the architect's unwavering commitment to this principle, with its carefully proportioned windows, doors, and architectural elements harmoniously aligned to create a sense of grandeur and intimacy simultaneously. 


Set back off the road, to maximize views and privacy, the house is sited. As you step inside, the spacious, open-concept living areas seamlessly transition into more intimate and cozy spaces, all with ceilings and walls meticulously calibrated creating an ambiance that is both welcoming and awe-inspiring. This house is all about the view, the expansive southwest facing glass wall not only brings the winter sun in, it frames the view as an expansive mural. 


Even the smallest details, such as fixtures and finishes have been handpicked to complement the overarching scale concept. Each room possesses its own distinct personality while remaining an integral part of the home's overall design narrative. The scale-driven design invites occupants to experience a harmonious fusion of space, comfort, and visual delight. 

In this residential build, scale is not just a design consideration; it is the driving force that elevates every aspect of the home, resulting in a living space that is both breathtaking in its grandeur and comforting in its intimacy. This demonstrates that when scale takes center stage, a home can truly become a work of art. 

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