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An iconic Carson City landmark, Jack’s Bar, reopened as Bank Saloon, borrowing its title from the name the saloon first operated under when it opened in 1899. The bar has a long reputed run as a favorite gathering spot for politicians and legislators. The property had been shuttered for more than 30 years and the 1,200SF dilapidated structure underwent an extensive exterior rehabilitation per the Secretary's Standards for Rehabilitation along with a complete renovation of the interior.


The primary objective of the exterior rehabilitation was to retain the historic character of the property and salvage its distinctive features. The existing rhyolite block walls were repointed and repaired, and a new internal structure was put into place to seismically stabilize the exteriors walls from within. The structure received a new roof and a new concrete slab. The doors and windows were replaced with replacement historic reproductions and the original cast-iron pilasters will be stripped, restored and repainted. Great care was taken to design two new pivoting storefront windows on the east façade that, when in the closed position, appear as traditional Victorian-style storefronts complete with a solid bulkhead base. When in the open or pivoted position, the interior becomes open to the pedestrian way along South Carson Street.


Interior improvements include an all new bar and areas for open seating, a private meeting room, an office and accessible toilet rooms. The interior finishes represent a carefully curated balance of contemporary expressions and nods to the structure’s history.

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